"Whatever your age, physical or mental condition, it hurts less if you exercise."

Cary Raffle, MS Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

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Training Specialties

Physical Therapy Session

Pre & Post Rehab

Injury Prevention
Posture & Movement
Exercise with Joint Replacement


Weight Trainer

Strength & Conditioning

Weight Training Programs


Toning & Weight Loss


Balance & Core

Spinal Stabilization
Beginner to Advanced
Training For Seniors

Senior Physiotherapy

Senior Fitness

Personalized to reflect yoiur goals, needs, injuries, illnesses and fitness level

Pregnant Yoga

With hundreds maybe thousands of options in the gym, how do you know which exercises are right for you?  Which could be wrong?

Avoid injury, get better results, improve performance.

The first step in beginning a new fitness program is your fitness assessment, which ensures that every exercise helps meet your goals and is appropriate for your physical condition.  Learn more and take the Mini Self Assessment at trainercary.com.assessment. 

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Female Training
Athletic Woman With Kettlebells
Yoga Class for all Ages
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Cary Raffle has been quoted by US News & World Report, SHAPE, Women's Health and other media, read these articles In The News

Cary Raffle has been quoted by US News & World Report, SHAPE, Women's Health and other media, read these articles In The News


Training Availability

Available by Appointment in Lower Manhattan, in-home, at your building gym or at

10 Hanover Square (Complete Body - membership not required to train with me)

Fidi (Financial District | Wall Street | Battery Park City | Tribeca | Soho | Bay Ridge


Personal Training for Seniors

As we age it becomes more important to personalize our exercise programs 

based on injuries, illnesses, postural issues that develop

over the years.  It can be hard to find the right program for you. 

Many programs are "one-size fits all" approaches that

Train you like you're already dead, or

Train you like you're 25 and make you wish you were dead

The right program will train you hard and leave you feeling great!


Cary Raffle Certified Personal Trainer

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Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor