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Exercise Programs

Here are 16 different programs that are appropriate for most people.  If you have been treated for an injury, talk to your physical therapist or doctor and get clearance before proceeding.

Feel free to contact me to develop a more customized program  for your needs and goals  and for personal instruction.

Programs & Progressions For Every Fitness Level

NEW @home workers top moves  stretches and exercise to undo hours of sitting at your computer.  Do them alone or as a warmup before your workout.

Top 10 Exercises & Stretches for the Office Worker (great for drivers too) includes a preview of the new exercise videos coming soon


Introductory Strength Training  Full body workout  *all new with videos*

Unstable Exercises - Incorporate Core Training with Strength Training  *all new with videos*


Advanced Unstable Exercises - Includes a unilateral workout, advanced core training


Travel Workout - Your portable total body workout

Your "Go To" Workout  - that one essential workout *all new with videos*

Corrective Exercises

"Post-rehab" workouts that can also be done as "prehab" to prevent future injuries.  Refer to my mini self assessment  to help select the best corrective exercises for you, or contact me.

Low Back Pain Corrective Exercise Program 
Back pain and injuries, poor posture, arched back., sciatica  *all new with videos*

Lower Extremity Corrective Exercise Program - Foot, Leg, Shin, Knee and Hip
For plantar fascitis, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, IT band syndrome, knee and hip injuries, knock-knees and turned out feet. *all new with videos*

Upper Extremity Corrective Exercise Program - Shoulders, Neck, Rotator Cuff
For rotator cuff, labrum injuries, neck strain, rounded shoulders, neck pain, poor posture.  *all new with videos*

Stretching Programs

Most people do only one static stretching, but there are many options, here are just a few:

Static Stretching, where you should be holding a position for 20-30 seconds *all new with videos*


Active Isolated Stretching a progression from static stretching, if you have no movement problems. 


PNF Stretching - (AKA Neuromuscular or Contract Relax) means Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation,it tricks the brain into lengthening a muscle. Do this with a trainer.


Self Myofasical Release (Foam Rolling) -  works out knots and adhesions that limit ability of your muscles to fully extend. *all new with videos*

"Unsitting Program." general program to help transition from desk or road to gym.  

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