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Assessment & Program Design

There are thousands of different exercises and pieces of equipment at the gym.  How do you know which are right for you and which could be wrong?


The first step in beginning a new fitness program is your fitness assessment.  This includes a review of your goals, any injuries or medical issues, and an evaluation of your posture and movement.   A few simple observations and movement tests tell a fitness professional which muscles are tight or overactive and need stretching and which are extended or underactive and need strengthening.   The Mini Self-Assessment below includes few of the more common observations and indicates which muscles need stretches and strengthening recommendations to give you an example of how the program design process works. 


When we train together, there is a reason for choosing every single exercise, a reason for the order of exercises and a reason why some exercises will be excluded from your program.  If you have specific problem areas or a history of injuries, visit my page at for addiional recommendations or contact me for an appointment.

Elderly Woman at Gym
Running on the Treadmill
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Weights at Gym
Push Up
Assessment & Program Design: Inner_about
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