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Testimonials from Cary Raffle's Clients

Exceeding Expectations One Client at a Time

When I met Cary ... I weighed 272 pounds, had never really exercised, my exercise routine was “Spazzercise.” Cary worked with me to develop and constantly progress my exercise program, adjusted my diet, and helped me gain strength, skills and confidence. Cary is a consummate professional, always keeping my nose and his to the grindstone. The results are that I now weigh about 190 pounds. Instead of “Spazzercise,” I do boxing, and I actually won my first match in the Spring.  -OH

I signed up with Cary for personal training when I was 6 weeks pregnant ..He is endlessly encouraging and always checking in with me to make sure that the workouts are appropriate for where I am in my pregnancy.  The real payoff came earlier this month, when I went down to DC to visit my sister, who is also pregnant. She is not working out. When we toured the sights, she huffed and puffed and even opted out of a few - but I didn’t!  - JC

I have had three complete knee replacements and 20+ surgeries on my knees….. I could do very little. But with Cary’s encouragement and directions to keep trying, I started making progress. To make a long story short, after the time with Cary I can walk a majority of the time without a cane, my flexibility has increased very, very significantly and I have gained remarkable strength in my legs. Cary somehow made it all happen including reducing the severe pain..  He is a remarkable trainer and person. It was such a pleasure to work with him not just from a professional standpoint but also from a personal standpoint.  -RF

I was looking for a new exercise program that would get me back into shape and hold my interest, I was unable to run because of knee pain...Cary performed two simple tests and described an exercise and flexibility program that he felt would alleviate my knee pain and get me running again.   His explanation made me recall studying anatomy in medical school (I’m a physician): he knew what he was talking about and I immediately signed up for training sessions.  After a few weeks of following this program, I was running again.  - JC

I was almost age 60 when I came to Cary in 2011, an overweight and under exercised man. Cary was able to evaluate my needs...and quickly designed a program which has helped me to increase my strength and flexibility. This past year he also was able to give my daughter, a 28 year old runner some very useful guidance as she prepared for the New York Marathon making him very much a Trainer For All Seasons. In addition to obviously being expert in his field, Cary is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.  - DH

Cary's [prehab] training made an enormous difference in my recovery rate after knee replacement surgery. My surgeon told me that I was in the top 10% for leg extension and walking. My roomate in the hospital asked me if I was a physical education instructor, because I was up so quickly (as a 61 year old woman who is 30 pounds overweight, this is not an occupation most people would guess for me!). Even better, for me, was that I had much less pain and discomfort this time around (I had had my other knee replaced 3 years ago), which I attribute to the conditioning I had prior to surgery. Cary's training routine for me was right on and I am forever grateful. I'm looking forward to returning to train with him when I'm fully recovered. And I'm recommending him to all the people I come across who are contemplating joint replacement surgery. -BAS

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